Review of World Class Knife Set

world class knife setWhether you are a chef, above average cooks or regular home cooks, having a world class knife set will really help you in the kitchen. From the legendary Ginsu to Zwiling Ja Henckels from German, these knife sets are made using state of the art forging techniques, ergonomic handles, high quality blades and good balance between the handle and the blade. While most average home cooks will be more than happy to get a set of world class knives, there are knife sets that can be used by beginner chefs and cooks in commercial establishments.

With relatively competitive prices, some of these world class knife sets are even ideal for wedding gift. Precise cutting jobs, smooth blade movements, comfortable handle and warranty are among the most attracting factors for serious cooks out there. Even their wooden blocks can become decorative elements in the kitchen.

If you are looking for the best world class knife set for your home kitchen or wedding gift, yet still want to get good price for the set, here are reviews from some of the best world class knives favoured by home cooks and beginner chefs.

4 Top recommendations for World Class Knife Set :

Ginsu Chikara 8 Knife Set with Bamboo Block

Ginsu Chikara Stainless Steel Knife Set with Bamboo Block DetailsThis is perhaps the most famous kitchen knife set in the world; Ginsu knives are made using traditional methods used to apply to make Japanese traditional sword. The blade is forged from single steel to ensure good balance and high quality blade that will last for many years. 8 knives of this set are placed in unique bamboo block stamped with Ginsu logo, and the handles are unique. They are made into traditional tubular shapes from smooth and non slippery black resin, with Ginsu logo on the tip of the handle. They look good when you put the set and the block on the kitchen table.

As one of the best kitchen knife sets in the world, Ginsu is famous for its precision in cutting. You can cut through hard vegetables and big lump of meat just like cutting into butter. This 8 knife set has chef knife, Santoku knife, both serrated and smooth edged utility knife, paring knife, plus sharpening rod and the practical kitchen shears. This complete set is very useful for any average cooks that often have to make dinner gathering with big families.

Chicago Cutlery Landmark 14 Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery Landmark 14-Piece Block Knife Set DetailsThis is the best world class knife set for those who love contemporary style in their kitchen tools. This knife set has every element necessary for precise cutting jobs and extra safety during intense cooking session. The blade is forged from a single steel piece, with tapered edge that ensures effective, precise and smooth cutting, slicing, dicing and mincing jobs.

The entire knife structure is in full tang style, from the handle to the blade tip, resulting in better balance when you do intense cutting jobs. The handle is smooth and non slippery, made of black resin with safety bolster to keep your finger from slipping and getting hurt by the blade. They also make good kitchen decoration that emits all contemporary, modern themes.

Ja Henckels Twin Signature (Zwiling) 19 Knife Set

ja henkels knife set detailsJa Henckels 19 knife set is the Zwiling series, means that the entire set is manufactured in German. As a result, the blade is forged from single blade with anti rust quality, and ice hardened blade that ensures super durable and tough blade. The knives bring German tradition of strength, power and toughness, and they come with Ja Henckels signature riveted handles that look smooth as well as ergonomic. You will feel the difference when you use the knives to cut, slice and dice; they are sturdy, well balanced and ensure precise cutting.

There is every knife a cook may need in this 19 knife set. There are chef knife, steak knife, bread knife, serrated utility knife, smooth utility knife and paring knife, Santoku knife, honing rod and kitchen shears. Ja Henckels smooth and classic shapes bring elegance and modernity into a kitchen.


Wusthof Gourmet Deluxe 14 Knife Set

Finally, for the best world class knife set that combines the sophistication of gourmet knife and practicality of modern kitchen knife, there is Wusthof. This is a knife set made in Solingen, dubbed the capital of cutlery in Germany. As a world class knife manufacturer, Wusthof creates each knife with laser cutting and testing methods for creating the ultimate blade. Therefore, Wusthof knives have restaurant kitchen quality blades but still with reasonable prices for home cooks.

Wusthof 14 knife set contains all knives a cook will need for various kitchen jobs, from chef knife to Santoku and paring knife. There are also 6 steak knives, sharpening rod and kitchen shears. Wusthof has full tang design and tapered blade for more efficient and balanced cutting jobs, and its black poly handle with rat tail as well as bolster keep your cutting movements steady no matter how fast you cut and chop food ingredients. All the knives are put in simple yet elegant beech wood box, creating modern look for your kitchen table and countertop.

All of the abovementioned knife sets must be washed with hands instead of dishwasher, and you must dry them as soon as possible with dry cloth to avoid rust spots. Nevertheless, they are the best world class knife set products you can have at home.

Conclusion of The Best World Class Knife Set Reviews

Ginsu, Ja Henckels, Wusthof and Chicago Cutlery are all famous as world class knife set. These above mentioned sets are recommended for average cooks, home cooks who have quite intense cooking activities every day, or beginner chefs. They are all do great jobs in average kitchens, but these knives may not be able to keep up with an executive chef daily routine.

Ginsu knife set gets a lot of positive reviews from cooks around the world, even among professionals. Since the Ginsu knife manufacturing technique follows traditional Japanese sword making technique, the quality of the blade is excellent. Ginsu also has signature rounded handles that cause many home owners to buy the set simply because of the handle shapes.

Chicago Cutlery and Ja Henckels get good reviews from average cooks, but customers also suggest investing in good sharpening tools. Meanwhile, Wusthof has reputation as one of the most classic blades made by Germany, and Wusthof knife set is perhaps still okay for beginner chefs who just start their careers and need their own good sets of knives.

Therefore, if you want to have good knives for average cooking job, Ja Henckels or Chicago Cutlery can become option. If you want knives that can support rather intense cooking jobs, choose Wusthof or Ginsu. All of them are the best world class knife set products and have overall good performance, but there are brands that are more suitable for certain cutting job levels.

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