Wolfgang Puck Knife Set Review

Wolfganwolfgang puck knife setg Puck Knife Set is a stylish and sharp 6-knife set that will make every home cook feels like he or she is a chef as great as Wolfgang Puck. All the knives are made to support various cutting jobs in a household kitchen without having to own too many knives. The blades are forged and carved from single pieces, formed into modern full tang design to ensure more balance and precision when doing cutting, slicing, dicing and mincing jobs.

All blades are made of rustproof stainless steel with carbon technology, to ensure smooth and precise cutting without having to slam the knife hard (such as when trying to cut hard, raw vegetables). With these knives, kitchen jobs will be more efficient, less time consuming and less tiring. Wolfgang Puck Knife Set will become good wedding gift or first knife set purchase after moving to a new house.

The whole appearance of Wolfgang Puck Knife Set is very contemporary, sleek and modern. The knife rack is very slim to avoid taking up too much space in the kitchen, and it combines both classic and modern; bamboo and aluminium. With black polymer, riveted handles sticking out, the whole knife set will become unique and modern addition to any kitchen.

The knife set also has various cutting functions in one 6-knife set, making it really versatile and perfect for those who favour practicality and do not like owning too many knives in the kitchen.

Specs of Wolfgang Puck Knife Set

  • Wolfgang Puck Knife Set has great specs to support almost all cutting jobs in an average kitchen without having to add another extra knife. Here are the specs offered:
  • Three riveted black polymer handles for more comfortable grip and easy washing. They also look great when the knives are arranged inside the rack.
  • Carbon stainless steel blades with full tang design, promise more balanced and precise cutting jobs even when you are working in high speed.
  • Blades are forged from single steel pieces for more manufacture quality and durability.
  • Cullens on the blades, effectively reduce friction contact when you slide the blades back into the rack. Therefore, the blades stay sleek and smooth.
  • 6 multi purposes knives that provide precise and practical cutting jobs; there are multipurpose knife (chef knife and Santoku knife combined), utility knife (for cutting bread, meat and spread butter or condiment), paring knife (for peeling and trimming) and small Santoku knife.
  • Extra kitchen shears for cutting chicken skin and such.

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Customer Critics

Overall, since Wolfgang Puck Knife Set is designed for average and household cooking, there are not many complaints about the overall knife performance. However, some complained about the blade quality, which is not as sharp as other similar knife sets (especially because the knife has Wolfgang Puck name on the package). There are times when home cooks need to ‘pound’ rather thick loaf of meat to really cut through it. Plus, when the knife is washed, it must be dried thoroughly, because apparently the blade can still show small rust spots.

Customer Positive Reviews

Despite some minor complaints, most customers love this knife set. They especially love the contemporary look of the knife rack that combines aluminium and bamboo. They also love the fact that the whole knife set combines several knife functions into just 6 knives, therefore reducing the space in the kitchen. Also, the extra addition of kitchen shears really helps the kitchen works. The whole knife set also makes nice wedding or housewarming gift, and it is not expensive for the product of its quality.

Reasons to Buy Wolfgang Puck Knife Set

While this knife set may not be suitable for professional chef works, Wolfgang Puck Knife Set is perfect as a practical knife set for average cook in a rather small household, an apartment or single flat. This is also good as the very first knife set for those who just learn how to cook and need precise and balanced cutting instruments, to avoid injury. The price is also great for this type of knife set.

The sleek rack and practical 6-knife package is also perfect for wedding gift, and definitely will look great in any kitchen. Wolfgang Puck Knife Set is very much recommended for all home cooks or cooks at average kitchens.

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