Tempered Glass Cutting Board Reviews for My Artsy Kitchen

Tempered Glass Cutting BoardI like my kitchen colourful and artsy, so I stock a lot of colourful and patterned kitchen appliances, products and equipment, including tempered glass cutting board. At first, I was a bit worried about using ‘glass’ as cutting board, because I do a lot of cutting jobs at my kitchen (I’m a quite active cook, I cook every day for my big, voracious family). I cut, slice, dice and mince, often with high urgency that makes me often change cutting boards because they get ruined quickly. However, tempered glass cutting board turns out to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever done for my artsy kitchen appliances and tools collections.

In fact, although I also have teakwood cutting board at home, I very much prefer cutting board from tempered glass to cut food like raw meat, raw fish or poultry (basically everything that has juice leaking from it whenever I cut it). I am always afraid about getting the juice from the meat soiling the board and seeping into the pores of bamboo or wooden board, but my tempered glass cutting board turns out to be the best friend for such cutting jobs.

So, after several browsing jobs, I finally found 4 types of tempered glass cutting board products that I particularly like. Here are they for references:

Four perfect choices for Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Clear Tempered Glass Cutting Board price
Clear Tempered Glass Cutting Board
This one is not particularly my taste because, you know, it is just a clear glass board. Plus, if you are not used of using glass cutting board (even though it is tempered and strong), doing harsh cutting jobs on this kind of surface may be a bit off putting. The tempered glass cutting board from Vance is especially nice, with the manufacturer that has been operating for over than 60 years. The small size board is quite cute, and it is very practical and cheap. But unfortunately, there is no non-slip surface on the back, so you must be careful when using this on a rather slippery countertop.

The surface makes really nice cutting surface, and it is good even for cutting up hot dishes. The clear surface makes it easy to spot dirt and stains. Also, the hard and smooth surface makes the board easy to clean even in the dishwasher. It is also quite strong, and the only reason I did not use it is just because I don’t like clear glass cutting board, but that’s all. It is overall a good option for those who favour simplicity and practicality.


Art Tempered Glass Cutting Board price
Art Tempered Glass Cutting Board : Counter Chianti Label 14-7/8 by 11-3/4 Inches
I told you that I always love nice touch of art and colours on my kitchen appliances, right? Well, this particular tempered glass cutting board caught my eyes the first time I saw it. I really like Counter Art product series with Chianti glass picture on the surface, which remind me of a kind of picture you will see in a Paris bistro walls. While the size is quite big (14 x 11 inches in size), I usually use this to serve appetizers, cocktail glasses or hours d’oeuvres because of the elegant look (seriously, it is too nice to just serve cutting jobs in the kitchen).

However, this tempered glass cutting board also makes good companion for cooking jobs in the kitchen. The surface is quite tough, but maybe you do not want to use it for harsh chopping jobs. The picture perfectly covers the non-slip surface on the back side of the board, preventing it from sliding off the countertop. And of course my favourite feature; this board is perfectly dishwasher safe.


Black Tempered Glass Cutting Board price
Black Tempered Glass Cutting Board 20 x 16
Another simple yet good product from Vance; this time, the tempered glass cutting board appears in smooth black colour instead of clear glass, which I pretty much prefer more than the clear glass plate. I like this board because of its huge size, which is 20 x 16 inch in size, perfect for any big cooking jobs. This board may still look simple, but I still like its elegant colour and my husband loves it because it looks ‘masculine’ thanks to the dark shade.

Other features are quite standard: this tempered glass cutting board is durable and will not break or scratched easily, which means there is little chance for bacteria to seep into the pores. It is also easily washed, either by hands or using dishwasher and you will not regret the time you buy it if your daily cooking job consists of a lot of cutting, dicing and slicing that generates huge piles of food cuts.


Monogrammed Glass Cutting Board price
Monogrammed Glass Cutting Board Rikki KnightTM Letter “L” Initial Sky Blue Leopard Print and Stripes
At last, this is another one of my favourite. Monogrammed glass cutting board looks more elegant and contemporary instead of certain pictures on another tempered glass cutting board that I have (but I like that too). This one from Rikki Knight has unique ‘L’ monogram plus leopard patterns and stripes with turquoise, black and silver colours. I like referring it as ‘fashion’ style cutting board, and it is shame to just using it for cutting, so I end up using it to serve another plate of hours d’oeuvres or snacks during party or social gathering at my house. Nevertheless, this also does great jobs as regular cutting board in the kitchen.

This tempered glass cutting board is not too big, just 15.3 x 11.3 inch in size, so I end up using it for just small cutting tasks (I give the heavy tasks to larger and less elaborate cutting board). It does not have rubber layer, but just four small rubber legs on each corner, but I say they do great job of preventing the board to slide off the countertop. In fact, rubber legs instead of layer make this board looks sleeker and more elegant when I use it to serve snacks, cheese slices and wine.


Conclusion of Tempered Glass Cutting Board Reviews

So, which one tempered glass cutting board you should choose? Basically, all these products are good for cutting jobs, but I will not recommend the artsy boards for harsh cutting jobs in the kitchen. You better have simple glass boards with rubber layer or feet if you do a lot of cutting jobs, maybe the board that has large size. However, if you often serve small dishes and drinks on social gathering or party, or you just mostly use cutting boards for simple cutting jobs, you may want to buy the artsy one.

However, all these products of tempered glass cutting boards are durable enough to handle cutting jobs, and they have better food safety quality thanks to the smooth and hard surface. Therefore, if food safety is your concern after using cutting board for years, you may want to use tempered glass cutting board.

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