OXO Grips 14 piece knife set – A Review

Buy OXO Good Grips 14 piece knife block setOXO Grips 14 piece knife set contains good grips Professional Knife-Block Set for any home kitchen. OXO becomes one of the most favorite brands of kitchen tools. The set can be seen as a wonderful collection of practical knives for gift to give for a new house owner or for a wedding gift. Probably there are more expensive or less expensive knives to be found out there but these are well-designed and high quality ones.

All knives in the set are sharp when you purchase them. But o course there is no knife that can stay sharp forever. In fact, the characteristic of a good knife is the ability to take and hold an edge after being re-sharpened. In this term, OXO PRO Series knives really do take and hold an edge after their re-sharpening. All of the pieces are made based on OXO’s Universal Design concept featuring comfort, non-slip handles. Just like other OXO products customers will get a no-nonsense satisfaction guarantee.

The Key Features of  OXO Grips 14 piece knife set

  • The OXO Grips 14 piece knife set comes exclusively with fantastic 14-piece knife-block set that includes 8-inch chef’s, 3-1/2-inch parer, 8-inch slicer, 5-inch utility, 8-inch bread, and 4-inch Santoku knives.
  • The set also includes 6 steak knives as well as a sharpening tool along with angled wood storage block.
  • The knives all have Sharp, stainless-steel blades, which are structured and hardened for power, with a full-tang to achieve high durability and appropriate balance.
  • The OXO knives are also equipped with black, ergonomically non-slippery, rubbery, handles cushion hands that will ensure a safe secure grip while used.
  • Users only need to wash them by hand for maintenance and that is the best care they have to do. This product is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Negative Reviews

OXO Grips 14 piece knife set actually consists of very amazing knives and an outstanding value. All of them are stamped, and not forged. Some consider them cost much, which is probably less than similar sets of quality forged knives. In fact, those set from French or German manufacturers have higher prices.

Positive Reviews

Many customers admit they cannot get more pleased with the set of knives. All of them have a full length tang giving users a balanced, good weight that feels fit in your hand. The handles are sturdy and non-slip. All parts are a pleasure to use. And considering the price the wooden block seems to be very high-quality. Also, the knives have a great look while the wood block does not look cheap. After long use the knives are still razor sharp, which will not get dulled after two months. Plus, they will not easily show any signs of rusting. Users only need to wash them and use towel dry to keep them in shape.

OXO Grips 14 piece knife set is definitely worth to have. They can cut nearly everything you throw at them is such ease that will give you total amazement in the kitchen. This set is simply the best set you can obtain for cutting related tasks. The knives are definitely sharp, comfortable to grip, and appear really nice on the counter. No wonder many highly recommend them.

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Why you should buy OXO Grips 14 piece knife set ?

The OXO Grips 14 piece knife set because it can be a wonderful summer piece in the kitchen and dining. The set features the ideal balance of professional quality cutting along with smooth, comfortable grip. The steel blades are sharp and made of stainless, which are hardened for durability and power. Also the blades are full-tang to reach more durability and better balance. Smooth, non-slip handles cushion on the hands and give a safe and secure grip when used.

An interesting part about OXO Grips 14 piece knife set is that all of the knives in set are very sharp, handy to hold, and appear really nice on the counter. After being used for years you will find that all the OXO knives in pack will still go strong. If you follow properly the way to use the sharpening steel then the knives will stay very sharp, for long time. So be careful though you will love them definitely for a long time.

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