Over the Sink Cutting Board I’d Love to Have

over the sink cutting boardSo, after years of using plain cutting board that always left me with extra cleaning task (wiping the juice of meat and fruit peels out of the countertop), I am now browsing for something that will save me more time after doing a lot of cutting jobs. Over the sink cutting board sounds like something that will be more practical, and especially because I’ve heard my friend (who is also a busy cook at home) bragging about it.

I have a large sink on my kitchen, so my standard is set; the cutting board that I get must have surface large enough to allow it sitting nicely atop my sink without falling over when I’m doing most of my cutting jobs. After doing a lot of browsing, I got these three names.

3 Recommended Over the sink Cutting Board :

Over the Sink Cutting Board with Colander price
Over the Sink Cutting Board with Colander
This one is from Progressive International, and I have known that brand for long time, so I believe about the quality assurance. For starter, this uit has expandable surface, so at least I can trust it to be fit well on my large sink (and yes, it can be extended as long as 24 inches, long enough for my standard sink). The surface is from hard, poly plastic, so it is strong enough for most cutting jobs.I love the colander because it really helps in cutting something that has excess; for example, if you peel and cut of some fruits, you can put the peels on that colander.The board is dishwasher safe and the colander can be removed for more maximum cleaning. After you wash it, you can wipe it dry and then collapse the board again for better storage. Do not forget to use warm water with mild soap and maybe a touch of vinegar or lime if you wash it after cutting raw meat.


Over the Sink Cutting Board with Strainer price
Over the Sink Cutting Board with Strainer
This over the sink cutting board has large size; 22.5 x 12 inches in size, so it fits a lot of sinks (except maybe if your sink is double sink without the middle rim). It has large strainer on the side, so it is practical if you cut a lot of fruits and vegetables that need washing before cutting. The strainer itself has 2.5 quart of capacity, so it is big enough for standard amount of cut up fruits and vegetables. You can remove the strainer and make the board collapse to store it nicely.The board has hard poly surface, which makes really good cutting surface, and it is easy to wash both by hands and by dishwasher. I think this is comfortable enough for most home cooks and the strainer is really a good idea; no more wiping on the countertop or using different bowl to put the food that you are going to cut up. Just put it in the strainer and you are working double with just one tool.


Over the Sink/Stove Bamboo Cutting Board price
Over the Sink/Stove Bamboo Cutting Board
Usually, I am not really excited about having ‘natural’ cutting boards like from bamboo or wood, because I consider myself as ‘iron cook’ with really high intensity cooking jobs everyday and intense cutting jobs. To me, wooden or bamboo board will only make me spending more money for buying another board after this one board worn out. However, Lipper International apparently changes my mind with its bamboo cutting board.While this board lacks practical part like removable strainer or colander like the previous products, this clearly looks great in a simple, modern kitchen. You can even make this an over the stove cutting board, because this board looks just perfect as a ‘plate’ to serve roasted chicken, cake or turkey dish. Maybe this is not a good board if you must cut up a lot of food items that have juice, but this Lipper International bamboo board is surely more durable even than my old maple board that I used to have.The great thing about this over the sink cutting board is that it is made of renewable bamboo and has really great pattern and colour. I will choose this for housewarming gift for first couple that just moves to a new house, but I maybe will not use this for everyday cutting job unless I want to cut up dry food or serve something like bread slices and salami on it (put a bottle of wine on it for better effect!). The board is hand wash only and you must use warm water to wash it.


Conclusion of The Best Over The Sink Cutting Board

Basically I have my eyes to all of these boards; the cutting board with colander is perfect for my sink (and most sinks; it is big), the one with strainer is clearly useful for both straining and excess cuts, and the one from bamboo is I think more perfect for over the stove instead of over the sink cutting board. The last one, especially, is perfect to serve food in rustic style, like large roasted meat or chicken. The first two are the ones that I will prefer for my kitchen, because I am a home cook with high intensity cooking jobs and need more practical solution for excess juice, cuts and peels after cutting.

Overall, over the sink cutting board is the best tool you can have in a kitchen, and maybe you want something that is more practical like the one with colander or strainer if you cook at lot.

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