Joseph Joseph Cutting Boards Review

Joseph Joseph Cutting BoardsI enjoy working in the kitchen and can spend so many hours just cutting, chopping, dicing and slicing. My favourite spot is of course my countertop, in where I do most of the cutting and sometimes kneading jobs. However, my countertop is laminated, and as you can tell, it became worn out after several years of me doing these jobs on it. Luckily, after a kitchen remodelling task, I was told by my mom to buy counter saver board. Joseph Joseph Cutting Boards became my favourite cutting boards ever since, and with many good reasons.

To be honest, the first thing that attracted me to Joseph Joseph brand was the unique patterns of the mosaic one. My experience with cutting boards was usually with the plain ones, whether they were made of plastic or wood, so I was thrilled to see huge variations of styles and colours from this brand. Later, I realized that Joseph Joseph was really a good brand for more reasons than just the colour options, and I have loved it ever since.

Here are some of Joseph Joseph cutting boards I have purchased so far, either for gifts or my own using at home, and some reviews about them. And I must tell you, all of them are my favourites, so maybe you will have slightly different opinions than I have, but trust me that these reviews came from someone who enjoys cooking as hobby and task in daily basis.

Four great products from Joseph Joseph Cutting Boards :


Joseph Joseph Cutting Board with Mini Mosaic price
Joseph Joseph Cutting Board with Mini Mosaic
This is the product that I told you about, the first Joseph Joseph cutting board that attracted my eyes. However, another particular quality that I like about this board is the tempered glass material. After using a couple of wooden boards and ended up having worn out, dingy and scratched board all over, I decided to get something that is more durable. After trying plastic, I ended up with tempered glass and I love it. Tempered glass is smooth, which means it has less pores than wooden boards.

It can also handle high temperature and I can even put a hot sauce pan on it! And the smooth surface makes good spot to knead pasta dough.Then again, the mosaic patterns that really attracts me in the first place. It really makes my kitchen more colourful. The board is also big, about 16 x 12 inches in size. I can wash it using dishwasher, and the board will come out clean and odourless. I always wash it with a bit if lime or vinegar by hand after cutting up raw meat and fish, though.


Joseph Joseph Black Multi Function Cutting Board price
Joseph Joseph Black Multi Function Cutting Board
Another Joseph Joseph cutting boards that I love, this one is not only elegant and even almost masculine in its sleek black colour (my friend’s husband really likes it!), but it is also more comfortable for handling. Besides non slippery bottom layer, it also has special layer on the sides, so it is more comfortable when being gripped. The size is not too big, just 11.5 x 9 inches, so maybe it is better for household without many kids or people who cook as a hobby.One thing you should immediately notice is the double cutting sides; the first one is the smooth, flat surface for regular cutting.

The other one, however, is angled surface that is really helpful with fluid and juice collection (and drainage) after cutting up meat or watery fruits. Plus, it has some kind of tool that you can use to grip raw meat on the side. The other features are the usual: it is dishwasher safe, has non slippery feet on each corners and stain/scratch proof. However, the angled surface may be a bit of problem if you expect more flat cutting surface.


Joseph Joseph Rinse and Chop Plus Cutting Board Green price
Joseph Joseph Rinse and Chop Plus Cutting Board Green
I bought this board out of curiosity, actually, because I read about it as cutting board that has even more functions than the previous Joseph Joseph cutting boards I mentioned. And true, this cutting board is more interesting because it has mechanism that can change the shape into two types of cutting board. Therefore, it feels like you have two cutting boards instead of just one.Open the board and it becomes a regular cutting board with wide surface. And then, if you need to cut something that needs juice drainage, fold the mechanism on one of its side to turn it into a chute.

It is convenient without making cutting uncomfortable because of shared surface (the regular, rather uncomfortable half-angled half-straight cutting board). Plus, when the board is folded and locked, there is a hanging hole for hanging the board instead of keeping it on the rack. It is dishwasher safe, has non slippery layer on the bottom and the surface is great to cut up anything; from bread to raw fish.


Joseph Joseph Index Advance with Knifes price
Joseph Joseph Index Advance with Knifes
I bought this one for my mother, who is a big fan of practicality in the kitchen. This is a set of cutting boards, with four different boards and four different knives, each with matching colour. From all Joseph Joseph cutting boards, I think this one is the most practical for those who are all about stricter food safety standard in the kitchen. The four different boards have their pictorial instructions about food that should be cut on them, and you can choose the matching knife to cut them.

The benefits: you can cut up and prepare different foods on different boards without having to wash the board all the time. You can use one board to cut up raw fish, the other one for cutting up fruits, and the other one to cut up bread. The knife itself is good; however, they all have same specs so it is kind of a waste if you already have your own set of knives. Plus, while the board is dishwasher safe, the knives must be washed by hand.


Conclusion of Joseph Joseph Cutting Boards Review

So, which one you should choose? For me, personally I like having the mosaic board and the folded board at my kitchen; I can use the mosaic board to cut up cooked food or fruits and serve snacks on it because of its stylish look, and I use the folded one to cut up raw meat and fish because it has juice drainage. If you like practicality, you can buy the Index Advance; it is better from the side of food safety but I personally prefer two boards with different functions and my own set of knife. Nevertheless, Joseph Joseph Cutting Boards are something that I love buying for the sake of practicality.

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