JA Henckels Knife Set Reviews for Home Cooks

ja henckels knife set reviewsJa Henckels knife set reviews are abundant, but there are so many Ja Henckels products out there that make choosing difficult. Made by renowned knife manufacturer in German, Ja Henckels are characterized with forged single blade, tang shape and smooth black poly handle with elegant rivets that give steady grip for your hand. Ja Henckels knives are specifically made for home cooks who want to have performance, efficiency and quality in their kitchens. Ja Henckels knives also have relatively cheap prices, and they hold international standard. Just pay attention to Ja Henckels logo on the blades.

Also, make note that Ja Henckels have two types of knife products based on the manufacturing location; there is Zwiling for German manufactured knives, and International for China manufactured knives.

To recap, here are three of the best Ja Henckels knife set reviews you can make as guidelines when choosing your specific knife set.

JA Henckels Knife Set Reviews – The Best Recommendations :


Ja Henckels 3 Knife Set (International Fine Edge Pro)

J.A. Henckels International Fine Edge Pro 3-Piece Knife Set best priceThis is a great starter for anyone who just learns how to cool but want knife set with high performance. Ja Henckels 3 Knife Set from International Fine Edge Pro is a simple yet useful set of kitchen knives consist of practical chef knife (8 inch), smaller utility knife (5 inch) and paring knife for all peeling and trimming jobs (3 inch). This is also the cheapest set of Ja Henckels knife set; you only pay less than $30. You may also buy this knife set if you live alone and only cook for yourself. Instead of buying more complete set, which is more expensive, you can just buy this practical package.

According to various Ja Henckels Knife set reviews, the 3 knife set does not rust proof, so the handlers are advised to wash the knives with hand and then dry them thoroughly. Nonetheless, they still give good performance for low cost knives. The blades are also thinner than other Ja Henckels knives; this is because all knives with International label are manufactured in China. Other Ja Henckels knives that have Zwiling label are made of forged blade, but this one is made of stamped blade. The handles are made of black poly with smooth rivets, and they are smaller than Zwilig series. However, because of the size, this knife set is favoured by those who have small hands and have difficulties using the massive Zwiling knives.

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Ja Henckels 7 Knife Set (Zwiling Twin Four Star)

Ja Henckels 7 Knife Set (Zwiling Twin Four Star) best priceIf you are more experienced home cooks and wish to have complete knife set with durability and excellence performance, try the German manufactured Ja Henckels 7 Knife Set Zwiling series. All Ja Henckels knife set reviews suggest you buying the Zwiling series if you want extra performance. This is because Zwiling series are made of forged blade instead of stamped, ensuring greater balance and more precision in various cutting jobs.

Ja Henckels 7 Knife Set has complete products perfect for advanced home cooks who require more than just 2 or 3 basic knives. It has chef knife (8 inch), Santoku (5 inch), utility knife with serrated edge (5 inch), paring knife (4 inch), plus kitchen shears and sharpening tool. This is a super complete combination for any advanced home cooks. Plus, the blades are made of forged steel and hardened with ice temperature, with smooth sides that ensure easy washing. It has black poly handle with tang shape and rat tail at the end, ensuring better grip when you are doing high speed cutting job. The massive wooden block and the blades have Ja Henckels logo stamped on them, ensuring the quality of this 7 knife set.
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Ja Henckels 18 Piece Knife Set (International Forged Premio)

J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 18-Piece Block Set best priceThis one is another international manufactured Ja Henckels set, which means that they are manufactured in China. However, Ja Henckels knife set reviews for this 18 knife set are surprisingly good. Despite the stamped blades instead of forged, the knives in this set do their jobs really well. There is good balance between the blade shape and material, the handle shape, the bolster and the size. The price is quite good considering you get 18 sets in this package, which is just under $200.

Ja Henckels 18 Piece Knife Set consists of standard 8 inch chef knife, 8 inch bread knife, steak knife, 7 inch Santoku knife, a pair of utility knives (one serrated and one not), paring knife and kitchen shears. They are very useful for a very busy kitchen, but the quality may only be great for average kitchen or home cook kitchen. Nonetheless, the quality and performance is quite good.

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Ja Henckels 11 Piece Knife Set (Zwiling Twin Signature)

Ja Henckels 11 Piece Knife Set (Zwiling Twin Signature) best priceAnother German made knife set, Ja Henckels 11 Knife Set is made of stamped blade, instead of forged that become the signature of Zwiling series. However, the knives have good balance and precision, with comfortable handle made of black poly with three smooth rivets. The handles fully enclose the entire tang design blade, so there is no gap between handle and blade in which food particles or crumbles can get in.

This set has all standard knives such as chef knife, utility knife, bread knife, steak knife and paring knife, plus useful kitchen shears and sharpening tool. The knives feel smooth when being used to cut thick loaf of bread or meat, and the handle provides comfortable grip. This is a perfect option for those who often cook in large amounts or having family gathering and dinner at home; great knives for more performance in an average kitchen.

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Conclusion of JA Henckels Knife Set Reviews

All these Ja Henckels knife set reviews reveal both upsides and downsides of these kitchen sets. Ja Henckels is a famous knife manufacturer in German, and all its knives have signature forged blade with smooth riveted poly handle which ensure good balance and precise cutting jobs. On the other hand, many customers are often clueless about the International version knives, which are actually manufactured in China and thus have differences in quality standards compared to Zwiling version.
Nevertheless, all Ja Henckel knives are much recommended especially for home cooks and average cooks who are not professional chefs, yet spend a lot of time in the kitchen and often cook for big family lunch or dinner gathering. The main features of these knives are good balance between the blade and the handle, so the knives feel sturdy (except for thinner International knives, which are more favoured by cooks with small hands). However, users must pay attention to washing method; Ja Henckel knife set reviews all mention hand washing as recommended method and continued with nice wiping with dry cloth.

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