Extra Large Cutting Board for Any Kitchen

extra large cutting boardThe biggest annoyance of doing high intensity kitchen works (like cooking for a lot of people in dinner party or family members) is not having extra large cutting board to do cutting jobs perfectly. I knew this in daily basis, especially because I have big family consists of my husband, 4 kids and occasionally our parents that visit every month to have lunch or dinner. My regular cutting board is more like an annoyance than supporting feature in the kitchen, because it has small surface that makes the piles of chopped fruits or veggies fall to the side, splattering on the kitchen counter and even falling to the floor.

After getting tired of having too small cutting boards that make my hand hurts (you know how hard it is to cut a lot of flood on small cutting boards in high speed), I decided to look for larger products. But I didn’t want to just get a larger cutting board; I needed extra large cutting board; something with more than adequate size to help all my cutting tasks. Plus, I want something that looks good sitting on my contemporary styled kitchen, maybe something with either natural or synthetic materials that give both classic and modern look at once.

So, after looking at various kitchen appliance products, I finally found out four perfect extra large cutting board options that I thought perfect to sit on any kitchen.

Our recommendations for the best Extra large Cutting Board

Madeira Provo Teak Edge-Grain Carving Board Extra Large price
Extra Large Wood Cutting Board : Madeira Provo Teak Edge-Grain
After browsing several brands that sell cutting boards from natural materials, I got one that I particularly like from Madeira. Extra large wood cutting board from Madeira Provo is made of teak wood, which is very elegant with its smooth dark surface and wood patterns that make this cutting board looks elegant and modern at the same time. Plus, since this is made of teak wood, I don’t have to tell you that this cutting board is super durable, tough and lasts for a long time (just remember to wash it properly and dry it immediately after using).
Its 20 inch measurement makes the board pretty comfortable and gives you a lot of space when doing cutting job.This cutting board will look perfect sitting in any kitchen, and I especially love the way it sits on the kitchen against my contemporary, wood dominated kitchen. And I love the fact that this cutting board is made of wood remnant; that is, the wood piece that was unused after the entire wood was made into furniture and whatnot. Plus, the teak wood is guaranteed of coming from licensed plantation, not from illegal logging. It looks good, and it is environmentally friendly.


Totally Bamboo Extra Large Greenlight Cutting Board price
Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board – Greenlight
This is another great extra large cutting board if you love nature theme in your kitchen. Bamboo cutting board from Greenlight is elegant, simple and practical, with 20.5 x 14.5 inches in measurement. This is lighter than the previous Madeira teakwood cutting board and the colour is more refreshing. I can wash it using dishwasher or hand and they all look good afterward, but I do need special mineral oil to take care of its appearance.
Since the cutting board has high special construction with double layered ply and high temperature adhesive, the board is really strong and can be used to cut dry, wet, cold or hot food. If you use it to cut off chicken, beef or fish, you better wash it with warm water.


Extra Large Plastic Cutting Boad price
Extra Large Plastic Cutting Boad : Winco 18 by 24 by 1/2-Inch White
I am not a big fan of plastic cutting board merely because of its artificial touch, but plastic cutting board is surely useful, durable and has food save quality. Plus, plastic tends to not absorb the juice from fruits, vegetables or meat, so the board itself will stay dry and durable for many years to come (one problem I have with cheap wooden board is that the absorbed moisture, which makes the board worn out and laden with bacteria after several years. This extra large cutting board also has good size, 24.5 x 18 inches in size, and perfect if you need to do a lot of cutting jobs for meals for many people.
The plastic is not just regular plastic, but extra durable and hard polyethylene plastic that is light but strong. It can be washed by hand or using dishwasher, but you may want to wash it with warm water and sprinkle some vinegar on it after cutting raw meat and chicken, just to disinfect it. It has simple form without weird corners or loops and it has simple white colour, and will fit any modern or contemporary kitchen. The plastic cutting board from Winco, especially, has NSF certification, so you can be sure about its safety.


Extra Large Glass Cutting Board price
Extra Large Tempered Glass Cutting Board : Good Morning Sunshine Sunflowers 15 x 11.5-inch Board by Highland Graphics
Finally, if you are rather put off by using glass board as cutting board, you should try tempered glass cutting board from Highland Graphics. And don’t imagine simple glass plate; it is truly a beautiful extra large cutting board from super durable tempered glass that will not break under the pressure of intense cutting and slicing jobs. It is not as big as the previous cutting boards, but manageable; it is 15 x 11.5 inches in size. The tempered glass surface has beautiful graphics of flowers, although you may be a bit bothered by the rich images especially during intense cutting jobs.
There is a rubber layer on the bottom for extra cushion against the cutting jobs, as well as preventing the board from sliding off the counter when you are using it. You can use it to cut hot food, and you can wash it using either hand or dishwasher. If you like your cutting board as fancy as your taste in kitchen, you may want to get Highland Graphics extra large cutting board from tempered glass.


Conclusion of The Best Extra Large Cutting Boards

The bottom line is: these are all good cutting boards, and each has large size as well as high quality materials. They are also dishwasher safe, even including the bamboo and teakwood boards. However, you may want to buy two boards if you often cook a lot; one is the wooden or bamboo one for cutting dry food, and the other one is the plastic one to cut raw meat, fish or chicken. Plastic or tempered glass will not absorb the juice of raw meat and is therefore safer for raw meat.

Extra large cutting board is surely something that you will need for any intense cooking tasks, especially if you cook for a lot of people every day. Instead of splattering food all over the counter and have very little are to work on your cutting, just opt for large cutting board.

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