Cleaning Bamboo Cutting Board with the Best Oil

best oil for bamboo cutting boardHaving a bamboo cutting board has a lot of benefits; bamboo board is harder than wood, but still has beautiful color and pattern that you cannot find in plastic or glass board. However, you still need to treat bamboo board with oil to retain its luster and keep it from drying out. The best oil for bamboo cutting board not only works by keeping the bamboo lustrous and shiny, but also preventing it from drying out with time and keeping the surface smooth (especially if you use the board often). In short, it is a must have product for bamboo cutting board owners.

Bamboo board oil must have several characteristics: it must have food safe label, made with FDA standard (or related official standard outside the US), odorless and tasteless so as not to alter the food taste. It must also be able to dry quickly and perfectly, so you can use the board in daily basis if you need to. Here is some useful guide and products to clean your bamboo cutting board.

How to Clean Bamboo Cutting Board with Oil

Having the best oil for bamboo cutting board is not enough; you must know how to properly clean your bamboo board. Remember, although bamboo cutting board is generally harder than regular wooden board, it is still a natural material that requires proper maintenance to keep its natural luster and shine. Here are steps to clean your bamboo board with oil:

  • Make sure your bamboo cutting board is dry before using; you can wipe it down with clean cloth first.
  • Apply the oil rather generously on the surface using clean cloth. Let the oil soaks in for as long as the product required; some requires overnight, while others only require 20-30 minutes only.
  • After letting the oil soaks in based on the product requirement, wipe up the excess oil reside using clean cloth. You will see that your bamboo cutting board looks shiny and lustrous again.

Make sure you choose the best oil for bamboo cutting board. Totally Bamboo is one of the best products with economic price for two bottles, making it a favorite among home cooks. The product is basically mineral based oil with shining, cleaning and revitalizing functions, but it requires overnight to soak in. The great thing about the product is that you can use this to clean and treat wooden cutting board and utensils, even cabinet doors.

If you prefer something more natural and non synthetic, you can choose Island Bamboo Renew. This product is made of vegetable based oil and beeswax to give the best shine with totally natural ingredients, and it only needs 20 minutes to soak in. The price is more expensive than Totally Bamboo, but it is perfect if you want everything in your kitchen to be natural. The beeswax ingredient also keeps the bamboo from feeling rough because of splinters.

If you have a bamboo cutting board that you prize, make sure you know how to treat it properly, and use only the best oil for bamboo cutting board to keep its look.

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