Chicago Cutlery 20pc Metropolitan Cutlery Set – A Review

Buy Chicago Cutlery 20pc Metropolitan Block SetChicago Cutlery 20pc can be considered as a metropolitan collection, which is specially constructed from a high quality-carbon stainless steel blade, which stays sharper for a longer period and is easy to re-sharpen when needed. The set pieces have ergonomically design with outlined polymer handles hat are all long last, triple riveted, and hygienically non-porous for simple and easy cleaning.

The knives are equipped with the total tang blade enhance the length of the knives to give both power and balance. These amazing knives are all backed by a total lifetime guarantee. The knife set is simply perfect for cooks or cooking enthusiasts that are looking for better way of cutting in the kitchen to save their time and energy and are ready to bring their cooking experience to the next level.

The collection is a fantastic set for anyone moving in their first apartment, or a good non-expensive wedding gift that will be highly appreciated by a receiver that is not seeking for something that is chef quality. All of the knives in the set feel comfortable in your hand, and are comparably lightweight with no feeling cheap. The set also comes with scissors that are also very good and work smoothly.

Key Features of Chicago Cutlery 20pc Metropolitan Cutlery Set

  • Chicago Cutlery 20pc Metropolitan Cutlery Set offers numerous amazing features including a number of professional high carbon contained stainless steel blades that have well-designed polymer handles.
  • Supported by advanced taper-grind edge technology this product is able to give great sharpness for accurate cutting and is easy to re-sharpen.
  • It is all made of high carbon contained stainless steel materials creating a durable, harder blade withstanding stains, pitting and rust. This product offers a full lifetime guarantee
  • The pieces are made of triple compression stainless steel riveting safe handles to the blade for better safety and stability. The set is exclusively made by a reputable cutlery manufacturer, Chicago Cutlery 20pc.
  • The kitchen shears are extraordinary and they are really among the best that I have ever had. The knives in the package feature a total tang, which means the blade can all the way over the middle of the handle attached with 3 rivets.
  • All of the handles are well structured and have ideal weight. The handles are made of a black, polymer material and come with well finishes.
  • The blades of all knives are stamped from high grade of carbon stainless steel. All of these blades are much lightweight. That may be an advantage for those who have difficulties wielding a heavy, big knife.
  • No bolsters to be found these knives, because bolsters are typically only on forged blades.

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Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan 20pc Video ReviewNegative Reviews

One drawback of Chicago Cutlery 20pc that can be noted includes the flimsy blades which need to be sharpened after a number of uses. Indefinitely the knives do not hold an edge so that you have to sharpen the blades that you use most frequently a couple of times so far.

Positive Reviews

Most customers are happy to have Chicago Cutlery 20pc as they can use this matching set of knives for long time without problems. They are simply a good quality pack of blades that can withstand stains, dullness, or overuse. The knife set is definitely a good starter collection for those moving to their dorm for the first time. The collection includes a useful scissor that is very handy when it comes to dismantling chicken. The knives are convenient to use from cropping green onions to shredding lettuce. Many customers highly recommend the set for every average home kitchen.

Why you should buy Chicago Cutlery 20pc Metropolitan Cutlery Set ?

It is worth to buy Chicago Cutlery 20pc for a number of reasons. All Ginsu blades unless the santoku are serrated and never have to be sharpened. This is particularly aimed to avoid food tearing, which will remove the hassle of maintaining the blades in good performance and order. The blade handles are all made of stainless steel with a black end piece that comes with the Ginsu logo attached in it.

The knives suit well in your hand, feel a little light and are not particularly sharp. It is not to be compared between the Ginsu bread knife and the Chicago cutlery. Probably the santoku knife in this set is the only exception as it is capable of cutting very well without the need to be cared much. The appearance of the knife set itself is great and will become a sharp addition to all modern kitchens with stainless steel.

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