Review of World Class Knife Set

Whether you are a chef, above average cooks or regular home cooks, having a world class knife set will really help you in the kitchen. From the legendary Ginsu to Zwiling Ja Henckels from German, these knife sets are made using state of the art forging techniques, ergonomic handles, high […] Read more »

JA Henckels Knife Set Reviews for Home Cooks

Ja Henckels knife set reviews are abundant, but there are so many Ja Henckels products out there that make choosing difficult. Made by renowned knife manufacturer in German, Ja Henckels are characterized with forged single blade, tang shape and smooth black poly handle with elegant rivets that give steady grip […] Read more »

Wolfgang Puck Knife Set Review

Wolfgang Puck Knife Set is a stylish and sharp 6-knife set that will make every home cook feels like he or she is a chef as great as Wolfgang Puck. All the knives are made to support various cutting jobs in a household kitchen without having to own too many […] Read more »