Best Japanese Chef Knife

It is not surprising if you are a fan of Japanese knives and are willing to have the best Japanese chef knife to complete your knife collection. Today the maker of top specialized cooking knives in Japan becomes widespread in the world. Since 16 century eventually, as various regional cuisines […] Read more »

Best 7 Inch Chef Knife

Many people are eager to find their best 7 inch chef knife as they believe that a 7” blade is an ideal length of a knife for cutting lots of food at once. However, choosing one is not easy at all considering there are so many products from various knife […] Read more »

Best 9 inch Chef Knife

Finding the best 9 inch chef knife is essential because after all the benefit of a big knife is simply that it’s bigger so that it is beneficial for everything that you want to make one cut: fruits, vegetables and meats. Also this kind of knife is useful if you […] Read more »