The Best Way to Clean a Wooden Cutting Board

best way to clean a wooden cutting boardDespite having some impracticality such as not dishwasher safe, a wooden cutting board still has great appeal among many cooks, both amateur and professional. It is beautiful, has perfect look for gourmet kitchen, will not dull the knife blades and can be used to serve dry food tastefully. If you want to keep it good even after many years, you must know the best way to clean a wooden cutting board. This is because wooden board tends to be worn out, smelly and dull quickly compared to plastic or glass, for example.

How to Clean a Wooden Cutting Board

Unlike synthetic or bamboo cutting boards, wooden cutting board is naturally porous. Therefore, it is easier to absorb water, food juice and detergent, which make the board smelly and worn out after several years. If the board is made of naturally lustrous wood such as teakwood, the wrong cleaning method can make it lost its luster. Many people also make mistakes by soaking the board in the sink or washing it in the dishwasher.

The best way to clean a wooden cutting board is just by quick hand washing with warm water and mild detergent, followed by quick drying. You can dry it by put it in propped up position and let it air dry. As for the regular treatment, you need to use special oil to keep the board dust free, smooth and lustrous. Your option is to use special oil for wooden cutting board, in which you wipe the board clean and apply the oil, before letting it completely dry.

Why you must use oil? It helps lifting off fine dust from the pores, protects the bard from being worn out after getting hit by knife blades, and keeps its luster.

Best Oil to Clean Wooden Cutting Board

You must use special food grade oil to clean your wooden cutting board. Howard Butcher Block and Cutting Board Oil is one of the best and economic products for wooden board, utensil and butcher block. This product is the best way to clean a wooden cutting board because it has vitamin E to keep the wood’s smoothness and luster, and has FDA grade for food safety.

However, if you have a cutting board from more exotic wood such as teakwood, choose ProTeak Butcher Block and Cutting Board Oil. The oil is specifically designed to keep the natural luster of board made of teakwood. However, since teakwood already has enough natural oil, usually you do not have to use it in generous amount. As a food grade wood oil, both products above are also odorless and tasteless, and will not change the taste of food prepared on the board. Just make sure you dry the board well before using it.

In the end, while wooden cutting board may have a lot of downsides, its soft surface, gourmet look and beautiful pattern makes the board really popular among cooks and chefs. Just make sure you use quick washing and cutting board oil as the best way to clean a wooden cutting board, to keep the board in its best condition.

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