The Best Plastic Cutting Boards for Modern Kitchen

best plastic cutting boardCutting board made of hard plastic (polypropylene) is one of the most widely available kitchen tools; it is light, durable, non-porous and easier to clean than softer wooden board. The best plastic cutting board must have tough material, with non-porous surface to avoid bad odor from raw meat. It must also be easy to wash, with just warm water and mild soap.

Plastic cutting board also has good price value compared to wooden board, because wooden board tends to absorb juice after a while and it alters the color and odor. Plastic cutting board is not fragile like glass board and therefore perfect for practical cook and modern kitchen. Here are some great products of plastic cutting board.


Recommended Products for The Best Plastic Cutting Boards


MIU Flexible Cutting Board

MIU Flexible Cutting BoardMIU is a cutting board set made of flexible plastic that has different color each. This is the best plastic cutting board for those who put high emphasis on food safety, and want to prevent cross contamination in the kitchen. MIU has a set of 5 flexible cutting boards; each has different color, to be used to cut five different food groups. Therefore, you can minimize the risk of cross contamination in the kitchen (cross contamination is often caused by using the same cutting board to cut raw meat and bread, for example).

Unlike many plastic cutting boards, MIU is flexible, so it is easy to transfer cut food from board to plate, pan or wok. The boards are easily washed and surely will become a great addition for modern kitchen. Features include:

  • Perfect size for any cutting tasks, 15×11 inches
  • 5 boards with different colors; white, red, blue, green and yellow for different food types (ex: dry food, fruits and veggies, meat and seafood)
  • Easily washed and washable in the dishwasher
  • Flexible to make transferring food easier

MIU is the best cutting board with fun colors and cross contamination prevention.

OXO Good Grips

OXO Good Grips Cutting BoardOXO Good Grips is the best plastic cutting board for those who look for durability and convenience in one product. OXO is made of super durable yet smooth and non-porous polypropylene, which is even more durable than most of common wooden cutting boards despite being made of ‘plastic.’ OXO has handles on two sides and drip groove; so you can bring it conveniently and avoid splattering juice everywhere.

OXO is also durable; it will not make your knives go, or absorb juice from the meat and seafood. If you must work with dry and wet ingredients in the kitchen, simply use the other side; OXO can be used on both sides so it is more convenient.

Special features include:

  • Drip groove and handles on both sides of the board, can be used on both sides for more convenience. The handles are tapered and soft to grip, so you can bring it comfortably (especially if you carry something heavy on the board).
  • Durable, smooth and non-absorbent surface made of polypropylene; the board last for many years and will not make the blades go dull.
  • Easy to wash and dishwasher friendly

OXO is clearly the best cutting board for those who love durability and convenience.

3 Piece Plastic-Acrylic Board Set

3 Piece Plastic Cutting Board SetThe best plastic cutting board will always provide extra spare for every busy cook out there. The 3-piece plastic-acrylic board set contains three different board sizes in one package, so you can choose the one that is the most suitable for you every time you cook. From large to small size, the three boards all have 3/8 inch of thickness, making them quite strong and lightweight at the same time.

All the boards are made of acrylic and polypropylene, making them durable and easy to wash. The boards will not absorb meat juice and have juice groove to prevent meat or fruit juice from staining your countertop. They also have anti skid rubber edge to make your work more convenient. Special features include:

  • Three different sizes of boards; 13.75×8.75 inches (large), 11.4×7 inches (medium), 10.6.3 inches (small), very convenient for all types of cooking tasks
  • Anti skid rubber edge and smooth handle for extra convenience during working.
  • Acrylic-polypropylene material for durability, anti odor, anti absorbance and anti scratch surface
  • Easy to wash (with just warm water and soap) and completely dishwasher friendly

This 3 piece acrylic-plastic cutting board is definitely your friend when it comes to convenience and practicality in the kitchen.

Conclusion: The Best Plastic Cutting Board to Choose

Plastic cutting board must be durable, easy to wash and convenient, and all those qualities are present in these products. However, which one is the best plastic cutting board to choose? If you love having extra pieces of cutting boards with different purposes, you can choose the 3-piece set or MIU; the first one has three different sizes and the second one has different color codes. Meanwhile, OXO promises durability and strength, and it does have double sides to use. However, you must remember which side you use if you are using it for cutting different types of foods.

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