List of Top Quality Kitchen Knives – Best Knife Set under $300

best kitchen knife set under 300 dollarsAs some say that quality knives in kitchen are as essentials as the chef the idea of the best knife set under $300 sounds make sense. In fact, professional kitchen knives in the kitchen can make your job lot easier. Thus, it is important to know how to pick your kitchen knife as this will save you much time and also money. It is far better to buy three or four good knives that can last you a lifetime with the appropriate care, rather than three of four low price knives per month on a long run.

Everyone understands that dull knives cannot truly help. For that reason professional kitchen knives are usually made of top-quality materials containing high carbon, stainless-steel). This also to ensure razor sharpness can withstand for a quite long time. Worse, it is a proven fact that you can even cut yourself a lot easier with a dull knife than with a sharp one.

Our recommendations of The Best Knife Set Under $300

1. Global G 48338 Santoku Hollow Utility Knife Set

Global G-48338 - 3 Piece Knife Set with Santoku DetailsGlobal Santoku Hollow Utility and Paring G 48338 is a 3-piece Knife Set from Santoku, which is uniquely designed with a long taper to keep the edges of the knives sharp longer. The Santoku Knife Set comprises a 3-1/2” paring knife, a 5-1/4” utility knife and a 7” hollow ground santoku knife. The knives are well awarded for their extra sharpness and outstanding craftsmanship.

All of Global knives are forged in Japan from 18 stainless-steel material called CROMOVA, to give stain resistance, combined with molybdenum and vanadium to give edge retention. The majority of Global knives is seamless and come with a smooth contour with stainless construction eliminating dirt and food traps. The three knives with dimpled handles significantly reduce hand fatigue related with repeated mincing or chopping as the handles are sand filled and non-slip creating balance.

Global Santoku Hollow Utility and Paring G 48338 knife set are not only favored by professional chefs across the world, but also loved by those serious home cook. The have thin and razor sharp blades allowing the cook to slice cleanly through foods, maximizing its flavor and keeping the integrity of the ingredient. Like other fine cutler out there, hand washing is the best for Santoku knives for care.

2. Shun DMS300 Classic 3 Piece Cutlery Knife Set

Shun DMS300 Classic 3-Piece Boxed Cutlery Set DetailsShun DMS300 Classic Cutlery Knife Set is a 3 Piece boxed, high quality cutlery set consisting of 3-1/2” paring knife, 6” utility knife and 8” chef’s knife. All of the blades are made of 33 layers of stainless-steel to give a rust-free trait. These knives have a Damascus clad look with steel end-caps and comfortable D-shaped Pakkawood handles. Made in Japan, all of these stylish and high utility knives come with gift box with traditional ergonomic offset bolsters. These knives are a beautiful line of cutlery with amazing blade profile, which is particularly designed to reduce results and sticking in less destruction to the food being cut, as well as more quickly preparation times.

Shun DMS300 Classic Cutlery Knife Set is an ideal option for those purchasing their first Japanese knife. The well featured knives are backed with lifetime warranty and for their maintenance washing by hand is highly recommended. The top-quality line of cutlery will certainly give a worthwhile addition to arsenal of tools of any chefs. No wonder if Shun Classic is widely used by professional chefs as well as home cooks alike. The Shun knife series are produced in the broadest variety of specialized designs featuring both conventional European blade shapes and modern cutting-edge styles. The price is under $300 and one of the best choice for this price range.

3. Wusthof Classic 7-Piece Cutlery Storage Knife Set

Wusthof Classic 7-Piece Cutlery Set with Storage Block DetailsWusthof Classic Cutlery Storage is a 7-Piece Knife set that comes with storage consisting of 9” honing steel, 8” cook’s knife, 8” bread knife, 6” utility knife, 3-1/2” paring knife, kitchen shears, and 13-slot storage block made in Solingen, Germany. The 9” honing steel is provided to help in keeping all the blades in good working order. A pair of kitchen shears is equipped to the set to help in opening packages, clipping string, or snipping herbs in the garden while the 13-slot storage block is beneficial for keeping all the pieces well-arranged and within your reach.

Wusthof Classic knives are built from a special blend of materials consisting of high level-carbon German stainless-steel. The individual piece of high level-carbon stainless gives forged precision. Every knife of the set comes with triple-riveted, full tang synthetic handles that can afford to give superior balance and strength and balance. Also for safe, efficient use the knives give sharp, precisely tempered blades.

Wusthof Classic Cutlery Storage knife set is an ideal gift for those newlyweds and for anyone who set up their kitchen for the first time. With limited lifetime warranty the seven-piece cutlery set is able to provide various everyday essentials. For the best maintenance, washing the knives by hand is recommended.

4. Zwilling J A Henckels Signature Stainless-steel Knife Set

Zwilling JA Henckels TWIN Signature Knife Block Sets DetailsZwilling JA Henckels TWIN Signature is an 11-piece Knife Set with stamped blades made in Germany. The amazing knife set made of attractive natural hardwood contains a useful selection of standard knives for completing a kitchen. The set comprises a 2-1/2”-peeling, a 4” paring, a 4-1/2” steak, a 5” serrated utility, a 6” utility, a 7” hollow-edge santoku, an 8” chef’s, and an 8” bread knivese. Every knife in the set comes with well-shaped, comfortable, 3-rivit, ergonomic, traditional-style polymer handles with full tang A 9” sharpening steel is available to keeps their edges in order while a couple of kitchen shears are provided to snip herbs, flowers, while the string is also attached. Everything stores neatly in the attractive natural hardwood block.

Every knife of Zwilling JA Henckels TWIN Signature knife set features high quality carbon, stainless-steel blades having been stamped from a piece of metal. Every knife’s edge is well formed by laser to give better angle consistency on the blade and is hand-honed to give ultimate sharpness. In the making process all blades have undergone special Friodur ice-hardening process from Henckels further strengthening them and preventing them from discoloration.

Conclusion of The Best Knife Set Under $300

In short, regardless how much time you want to spend in the kitchen, whether you only cook because you have to, or you do it for fun, it is essential to have a quality knife set. Probably you think that to have an entire set of knife is too much as often said by many people, but to have one good Chef’s knife is enough. This is far from being true. Of course a powerful Chef’s knife can handle nearly all you need in the kitchen. However, tasks like boning meat, peeling fruit skin, or cutting bread need other kinds of knives.

All of the recommended of the best knife set under $300 listed above are not only versatile and durable but also very attractive on the kitchen countertop. As the knives are sharp with good balance, their performance in the kitchen is unquestionable. Simply these sets are a must have item in the kitchen with all of those quality knives that truly will make it a joy to cook.

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