Protect Shun Knives with the Best Cutting Board

best cutting board for shun knivesHaving Shun knives at your kitchen is important to support a lot of cooking tasks. Shun knives are amazing utensils that combine traditional Japanese blade making techniques with modern manufacturing, creating s set of utensils that can handle various cutting tasks. The best cutting board for Shun knives must not make the blades dull, especially since these knives have razor sharp, really thin blades.

If your cutting board is too hard, it will make the blades dull quickly. Shun knives are the best utensils you can have, whether in home kitchen or professional kitchen. Do not waste these utensils on badly chosen cutting boards! Keep your knives in good shapes by choosing the right cutting boards and butcher blocks.

Best Material for Cutting Boards and Shun Knives

Basically, all owners of very sharp knives cannot have cutting boards made of equally hard materials such as glass, metal, marble or granite. Those will make the blades dull quickly and you will end up with duller Shun knives after just a couple of years. The best cutting board for Shun knives must have softer material, yet still firm enough to get the job done and will not chip the blades.
Wood, bamboo, polypropylene (hard plastic) and acrylic are considered as the best materials for sharp knives.

They are softer than metal, marble or glass, but they still provide firm surface to cut, dice, chop, cleave and slice foods on the board. Each also has its own characteristics, which you can choose based on your personal preferences. If you are serious about keeping your Shun utensils collections intact, wood is the best cutting board for Shun knives.

Best Cutting Boards for Shun Knives

So, what wooden cutting boards you can choose for your Shun knives? Epicurean Non Slip Series are great cutting boards for sharp knives. Naturally, as wooden board, it does not make the knife dull. However, this wooden board has more benefits than just knife friendly quality. It is made of wood fiber made from logs that are harvested from sustainable industry forest. Unlike other wooden cutting board, this one can be washed with dishwasher, perfectly saves your time maintaining the board. There are silicone pads on each corner so you can do every cutting task without getting the board slide.

If you want something lighter, more practical and can double as stove topper, you can choose Camco Hardwood Topper. This board/stove topper made of wood with cutting mat and anti skid parts on the bottom. This is the best cutting board for Shun Knives if you want something cheap yet double functioned and easy to maintain. Furthermore, the board has juice groove to prevent meat juice from staining area around you, and it can also work as serving tray.


If you have a set of Shun knives, do not waste them on bad cutting boards that will dull the blades. Choose cutting boards that are quite soft for thin blades, and in this case, wood is the best cutting board for Shun knives. There are wooden boards that must be treated with oil, and there are the dishwasher safe ones; choose based on your personal preferences.

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