How to Choose the Best Cutting Board for Meat

??????????????????????????????????????????Cutting meat is a task that requires not only good knife, but also good cutting board. The best cutting board for meat must have several good qualities; it must not absorb the meat juice easily, it must be easy to clean, and it should be friendly to your knife blades (especially if you cook every day).

Choosing the right cutting board is not only important for how well the meat is cut, but also for the quality of the cutting, the condition of knife, and the safety of people who eat the meat and basically anything prepared on the same cutting board afterward.


Wood is Not the Best Cutting Board For Meat

Many of you perhaps have wood cutting board at home, since this is the most common and cheapest material for cutting board. However, wood is not the best cutting board for meat. This is because wood is naturally porous, so its tiny grooves and fissures will absorb the meat juice and trap the bacteria. Wood is also harder to maintain; you must not wash it with dishwasher, you can only do quick wash (because the pores easily absorb water) and you must use special oil to maintain its luster. Therefore, you may need something more synthetic.

Plastic or acrylic is the best cutting board for meat. Ideally, when you cut meat, you must use a board that does not absorb meat juice easily; something non porous, hard and smooth. The board must also easy to wash with hot water and detergent, and dishwasher friendly to save time in washing. Plus, the board should not dull your knife blades, and plastic does not do that.

Options for Plastic Cutting Board for Meat

There are many products of plastic cutting board, and many of them have special features to make the cutting tasks easier. Since cutting meat harbors risk of cross contamination, there is product such as Flexible Cutting Board Set Microban that has color codes. Consist of 4 pieces of flexible cutting mat, this Flexible Cutting Board from Microban has different colors and food symbols on each corner. You can see red for meat, green for veggies and fruits, yellow for poultry and blue for seafood. Therefore, you can prevent cross contamination in the kitchen.

If you need something that is more of heavy duty board, you can choose Large Polypropylene Cutting Board. Unlike the previous product, this board is large, hard and has the rough surface. This is the best cutting board for meat because it has juice grooves, hard and rough surface for non slipping quality, handle and non porous surface, making it super easy to clean. The best things about these two boards are: they can be washed using hot water and detergent or in the dishwasher. And of course, they will not absorb the meat juice and therefore safer.


Plastic board is the best cutting board for meat compared to wooden board. Make sure you buy plastic or acrylic board if you often cut meat in large amount almost every day.

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