Tips to Choose the Best Cutting Board for Japanese Knives

best cutting board for japanese knivesJapanese knives are famous for the quality of their blades. If you have a set of Japanese knives at home, you must treat them well, such as buying a good cutting board to keep the knives sharp. The best cutting board for Japanese knives will make sure that the thin and sharp blades stay sharp even after frequent use. Therefore, owners of Japanese knives should not use hard cutting boards that can make the knife blades dull.

Japanese knives like Shun series are made by combining traditional Japanese blade making techniques with modern techniques, creating thin yet sharp blades. These thin blades cannot make frequent contact with hard boards or they will go dull and even worn out. Good cutting board will keep your knives intact and sharp after many years of using, and you will have no difficulties in keeping your good set of knives. There are various materials that make good cutting boards, and you must choose cutting boards made of those materials.

How to Choose Best Cutting Board for Japanese Knives

The best cutting board for Japanese knives is made of materials such as wood, bamboo and acrylic. However, wood is the best option for Japanese knives because it is softer than bamboo and acrylic. Plus, wooden board has great natural color and texture that looks great in a gourmet or professional kitchen, and of course a great pair for your excellent set of Japanese knives. Teakwood is the best wooden material because it is firm without ruining the blades, has elegant color ranges that go richer over time, and has natural oil that reduces the use of special oil for wooden cutting board.

Teakwood board may still need to be maintained carefully (not washed under the dishwasher, treated with natural oil, etc.), but it is relatively stronger than other types of wood commonly used to make cutting boards such as maple or cherry. Teakwood does not splintered easily and will look really good in your kitchen.

Teakwood Cutting Boards for Japanese Knives

Proteak Teak is the best cutting board for Japanese knives; it is available in various sizes, sturdy, and has attractive end grain surface in the patterns of rectangles. Plus, each board is unique because no two boards that are the same, making your board is the only one. The beautiful and warm color goes richer during time, and the surface is firm enough to handle cutting tasks, yet gentle for Japanese knives.

Another great choice is Madeira Mario Batali, a beautiful teakwood cutting board with end grain surface. The board is large (20 inches in length) and has firm yet gentle surface. Just like Proteak, you need to treat it with special oil and wash it with hand, but you will get a great cutting board to cut with Japanese knives. Both of the cutting boards are made of sustainable teakwood from legal plantation, and they are super durable they eliminate the need to buy new cutting boards.

Find your teakwood board now and get the best cutting board for Japanese knives in your kitchen.

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