Best Cutting Board For Ceramic Knives

best cutting board for ceramic knivesProfessional chefs and super busy cooks usually opt for better knives than just the regular steel ones. Ceramic knives usually become options for cooks and chefs that often do heavy duty cooking process, because they are especially sharp. If you have collections of ceramic knives, you need to choose the best cutting board for ceramic knives.

This is because ceramic knife requires good surface to work on so the blades will not be dulled by the constant cutting works. Choosing a good cutting board will lengthen the life of your ceramic knife blades, keeping them sharp and within their highest performance.

Cutting Board Materials for Ceramic Knives

So, what kind of cutting board can you use ceramic knife on? The point is: the material must not damage the blade, since ceramic knife has super sharp blades. Therefore, hard materials such as glass, steel, marble and granite are big no. Whether it is cutting board, countertop or butcher block, you must not choose product that is made of these materials. The best cutting board for ceramic knives is usually made of materials such as polypropylene (hard plastic), wood, bamboo or acrylic.

There are many cutting boards made of these materials, and they are usually cheaper than boards from metal, glass or marble. Plus, some of these boards such as the ones from wood and bamboo have great looks and patterns, while the ones from plastic or acrylic have smooth and non-porous surfaces that make them easy to wash, including in the dishwasher. Therefore, there are extra benefits for you.

Now, after you know the best materials for ceramic knife cutting boards, it is time to pick the products. Which one you should choose?

Cutting Board Options for Ceramic Knives

The best cutting board for ceramic knives must be friendly toward your knife blades. If you prefer flexible cutting board with different sets, which are perfect for home kitchen, Dexas Grippmat is a great choice. This product consists of four flexible polypropylene boards with yellow, blue, red and green colors, which are meant for different food items. This makes it easy for cooks to avoid cross contamination, because they can prepare food items on different surfaces. Dexas also provides good surface for ceramic knives; smooth, non-porous, flexible and easy to wash. Meanwhile, the anti skid bottom part reduces annoying slide while you are cutting.

If you choose something much bigger and fits perfectly on professional or gourmet kitchen, Catskill Craftsmen is a good option. This is the best cutting board for ceramic knives with professional quality; large size (30 inches in length) and made of high quality hardwood, the board is great for both cutting and butchering and has juice groove on four sides. The beautiful pattern and color look great on gourmet kitchen, and it can be used as a serving tray. This is a great board for professional use, and it is surely ceramic knife friendly.

By choosing the best cutting board for ceramic knives, you have helped lengthening the age of your sharp knives, which are very important in minimizing the time and efforts needed for prepping the food.

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