Choosing the Best Butcher Block Cutting Board

best butcher block cutting blockButcher block is a more ‘hardcore’ version of regular cutting board; if you usually prepare food and cut up various cooking ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, seafood and meat, butcher block is used for harder cutting tasks such as dicing, cleaving and cutting up large, usually boned piece of meat. Therefore, the best butcher block cutting board must have firmer and tougher surface than cutting board, but at the same time will not make the knife blades dull. This quality comes from the material.

There are various materials that have been made into cutting boards, but for butcher blocks, you need something that is hard, knife blade friendly, firm, easy to wash and clean, and has low risk of food hazard caused by trapped bacteria (usually in the pores of softer material). From various materials that fit the criteria, bamboo is one of the best options. Why bamboo makes the best butcher block cutting board?

Bamboo Characteristics for Best Butcher Block Cutting Board

There are many good reasons to use bamboo butcher block (and cutting board). Despite having similar characteristics with wood, bamboo is firmer and tougher than wood, especially wood species that is often used to make cutting board such as maple. Bamboo is not as porous as wood, which is a cause of trapped bacteria on the surface, but also not too hard so as to make the knife dull. This makes bamboo easy to wash and has smaller risk of harbor bacteria than wood. Therefore, this is a good material for butcher block, which is often used to cut and cleave meat.

Bamboo also has beautiful, natural appearance with warm color and unique patterns, very nice for a gourmet or modern kitchen. The only extra treatment required for bamboo butcher block is regular oil application to keep its luster. Other than that, bamboo is really the best butcher block cutting board material.

The Best Bamboo Butcher Block Products

After you know the quality, of course you must know the products. There are many good bamboo butcher block products, but only some that have all the criteria for ideal products. Totally Bamboo Butcher Block, for example, is a truly beautiful piece. The surface is firm and tough, but softened with beautiful parquet pattern. The base is four legs with anti skid rubber on the bottom, so the block will stay in place when you butcher meat.

If you want something more fit for professional kitchen, Island Bamboo Encinitas is the best butcher block cutting board. Not only it has large size (23×18 inches), but it also has drip groove to make sure the meat juice does not stain its surrounding. It also has four bases with anti skid bottom parts, so you can butcher meat in more stable way.

However, these butcher blocks have similarities; they both are made of ‘Moso’ bamboo from China, which is harvested from sustainable industrial bamboo forest, not from the habitat of endangered panda. Therefore, you can cook with guilt free feeling!
Bamboo is definitely one of the best butcher block cutting board materials, and it makes agood addition in your kitchen, whether home or professional kitchen.

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