Reviews of the Best Bamboo Cutting Board

best bamboo cutting boardBamboo is an excellent material for cutting board; it is beautiful, environmentally friendly and hard enough to withstand any cutting jobs (including hard chopping). The best bamboo cutting board products nowadays are more than just plain boards; they come with ingenious designs and features, but still maintain all the good things about having bamboo as the material.

The best bamboo cutting boards provide great tools to cut, chop, slice and dice everything from raw meat and boned chicken to fruits, bread and cheese. They also come with several extra features that help you with cleaning and serving the food. Here are three of the best bamboo cutting boards you can find.

Recommended Products for The Best Bamboo Cutting Board


Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board by Premium Bamboo

Extra Large Bamboo Cutting BoardPremium Bamboo makes a really beautiful and large bamboo cutting board for all heavy-duty cutting jobs. Beautifully cut and polished, this cutting board has a distinctive feature of drip groove that surrounds all sides of the board, preventing meat or fruit juice from sloshing over the board rim. This is the best bamboo cutting board if you often cook in large numbers; but that is not the only feature Premium Bamboo has.

The material is antimicrobial bamboo, designed to keep the food hygiene standard in any kitchen high. This also makes the bamboo easy to wash (just hot water and soap). It will not absorb bacteria like cheap wood cutting board. This is the board, which you can use safely for years. Features of this bamboo cutting board include:

  • Large size, 18 x 12 inches, for busy cook or if you cook in large numbers
  • Antimicrobial bamboo; durable, gives great cutting surface for any types of cutting jobs and easy to wash.
  • Environmentally friendly and organic; the board is made of recycled, food grade Moso Bamboo, not bamboo from protected panda habitat.
  • Drip groove on all sides to prevent meat and fruit juice from staining your countertop or table.
  • This is truly a cutting board, which you need for every heavy-duty cutting job in every kitchen.

Totally Bamboo Kona Groove Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo Kona Groove Cutting BoardMany people are afraid of buying bamboo cutting board because they fear the board will not last long under sharp knives; Totally Bamboo Kona is not like that. This is the best bamboo cutting board to have if you want a super durable and hard cutting board that will withstand even the sharpest knives and cleavers. Made of organic recycled Moso Bamboo, this is a beautiful and ideal cutting board for every house.

The most striking look of this bamboo cutting board is the dual color; the middle part is darker due to the steaming process that makes the bamboo show original caramelized hue. The entire material, including the glue, is food grade, so the board is super safe and fulfilling the food hygiene standard. In addition, the bamboo is chosen from the highest quality, so the board is durable and hard. Special features include:

  • Hard material; bamboo is one of the hardest materials for cutting board and will be perfect for many years to come.
  • Beautiful pattern and natural darkened hue from steaming process; the board will keep its luster for years.
  • Organic material; the board is made of Moso Bamboo, not bamboo from endangered animal habitat.
  • Easy to wash, just use hot water and mild soap

Buy this cutting board if you look for beauty and quality.

Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting Board

Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting BoardSeville Classics is the best bamboo cutting board if you often use the board for both wet and dry cutting. If you like serving bread, cheese and fruit slices directly on top of the cutting board, this product is the best choice. Seville Classics comes with 7 washable mats to be placed on top of the board before you serve food to eat directly on eat. Each mat has different color so you can find out which color is for what food.

Aside from that, Seville Classics has a perfect size for working and serving the food. It is also made of durable, food grade bamboo. The board is also naturally durable, with anti microbial quality, so it is super safe. Special features include:

  • Large size; 15×12 inches cutting area for easier cutting jobs
  • Durable, hard and beautifully patterned bamboo, which has anti microbial quality to keep the food hygiene standard. The board is easy to wash.
  • Seven flexible and washable mats to serve food, differently colored to create food color code (for meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, bread and dry foods, etc.).
  • Organic material; the bamboo is taken from industrial bamboo source, which is not from endangered animal habitat.

Seville Classics is your choice for more convenient food cutting and serving.

Conclusions: Which One to Buy?

The best bamboo cutting board must be durable, easy to wash, anti microbial and has extra features to support your cutting jobs. All you have to do is picking the one that suits your needs the most. If you cook in large numbers, you can pick Premium Bamboo with its large size and drip groove. Totally Bamboo Kona also has a durable surface and beautiful color, but not as large as Premium Bamboo. If you often serve food directly on the board, Seville Classics is definitely the best bamboo cutting board to buy.

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