Why Best Antibacterial Cutting Board is Must-Have

best anti bacterial cutting boardFood safety is one of the most important things in all stages of food preparation, even in regular household kitchen. The best antibacterial cutting board must be able to be washed perfectly, has good surface that will not absorb bacteria from meat juice, and made of material made specifically to limit the growth of bacteria. By having a good, antibacterial cutting board at home, you are already one step ahead in keeping you and your family safe from food contamination.

There are many antimicrobial cutting boards product out there, and most of them may cost more than regular wooden cutting boards everyone seems to have. However, antimicrobial cutting board is a must-have for really good reasons.


Benefits of Having Best Antimicrobial Cutting Board

Having the best antibacterial cutting board is the best option for you in the long run. Many cutting boards, especially the ones with porous or absorbent surfaces, are great places for bacteria to grow and multiply. These types of boards, which are usually made of soft wood and cost very cheap, can harbor bacteria after several years. Porous surface also makes it easy for meat juice to get absorbed and leave lingering odor. Worse, if you use one cutting board for everything, you may risk cross contamination because of bacteria that move from board to the prepped food.

Currently, there is a new technology called Microban. This is an antibacterial agent applied to the material of cutting board (especially polypropylene or acrylic) to prevent bacteria from meat and seafood to grow freely. You can find cutting boards with Microban label easily. Meanwhile, buying two or three cutting boards is also good cross contamination prevention, because you can use one to cut meat, one to cut poultry and seafood and one fr veggies, fruits and dry food.
However, the question remains: what cutting board you must buy?

Options for Antimicrobial Cutting Board

Microban is the best antibacterial cutting board, which also explains the presence of anti bacterial agent microban in its product. Microban is a cheap, fresh looking and antibacterial cutting board great for all home cooks, who want something affordable yet safe and easy to wash for cutting board. Coming in bright colors such as yellow, orange, green and pink, Microban boards are made of polypropylene, which is non-porous and can be washed with dishwasher or hand. The non-porous surface makes the board non absorbent and will not become good place for bacteria to grow.

Meanwhile, if you want something that gives you multiple boards instead of just one, you can choose Faberware Poly set, which consist of three cutting boards with different sizes. By having three boards instead of one in one set, you can use each board for different purposes such as cutting meat, dry food, veggies, fruits and seafood. This is also a way to prevent food contamination. By using different boards, you prevent bacteria from raw poultry and seafood to jump to other food items, and meat juice will not be trapped in the pores.

 Pick the best antibacterial cutting board and protect you and yo

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